Dr. Hill presents on Bipolar to Region IV Mental Health

I want to thank Region IV Mental Health (Twin Falls, Ketchum) for the opportunity to present in March 2016 on the complexity of identifying and treating clients with bipolar type depression.  In full group and small group exercises participants learned how to properly recognize when bipolar is present without wrongly jumping to conclusions, and how [...]

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Videos: Psychotherapy vs. Medication

If you've seen the numerous direct marketing ads for mental health medications, these new videos from the American Psychological Association are refreshing.  With a good dose of humor they remind clients about the scientifically demonstrated value of therapy as a first-choice treatment for anxiety, depression, stress and other concerns. Click for Video 1  and Video [...]

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Added Resources for Bipolar Depression

Dr. Hill has just added links to author Julie Fast's website Bipolar The site hosts information for both those with bipolar depression as well as their loved ones, including a handful of free articles plus links to her blog and how to purchase her books and materials.  The health cards system (for sale in [...]

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