If you or your family want to improve your communication, reduce conflict, and eliminate unnecessary anxiety, depression & stress I can help by creating a trusting relationship and a personalized plan.  I will support you to set your own pace, and with your permission, will challenge you to grow from the right amount of feedback.  Unlike some counselors who rely primarily on supportive listening, I find most of my clients are also actively seeking some new ideas after they have exhausted some very sensible and worthwhile approaches on their own.  After I have gotten to know you and your personal situation thoroughly, my style is indeed to directly offer some new, concrete suggestions that you may choose to act on.

Among my specialties as a psychologist, I accurately diagnose and treat ADHD, teach effective parenting, guide children and adults through marriage and family counseling, and if need be, lead them in adjusting to divorce.  For 18 years my goal has been for every client to feel fully healthy and truly enjoy life again.

Professionally, I maintain my expertise through continual training so you can take advantage of the latest information available.  I additionally draw on a sense of humor and my experiences as a husband and parent in understanding normal family challenges, and in keeping goals realistic.  Finally, I keep my caseload small so I can give extra attention to everyone I see and can stay available to you should an urgent situation occasionally arise.

Counseling is not like a medical doctor visit.  You typically will have 4-5 times as much face-to-face time with me compared to a medical appointment, and you will make additional progress if you are willing to experiment with things we discuss in between our visits.  Finally, you can make your experience most effective by telling me periodically what portions of the counseling you find most helpful.

Counseling has been shown to have great benefits.  You will often have better relationships, find solutions to specific problems, and significantly reduce feelings of distress.  If you’ve received a referral, or you’ve been considering counseling on your own for some time, I hope you’ll take that next step for yourself by calling me today and seeing if I am a good fit for your needs.

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