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EDUCATION Ph.D. Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Aug. 1999 Counseling Psychology (A.P.A. Full Accreditation) Supervised experience included: 4 years at the University Counseling Center 1 year in the Marriage & Family Practicum w/ concurrent graduate classes 1 year in a Community Mental Health Clinic Over 5,500 hours of supervised clinical experience B.A. Davidson College, N.C. [...]

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New Resources on Academic Accommodations & Educational Rights (IEPs, 504 Plans)

If your child or college student may need academic accommodations next school year, to show what he or she is truly capable of, it's not too early to begin planning and "doing your homework."  Typically, parents who are well-prepared before ever requesting such services will have a good, cooperative outcome.  Those who aren't may be [...]

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Presentation: Bolstering Social Skills for ADHD & Asperger’s Students

In October 2016 Dr. Hill enjoyed again presenting at the combined Idaho School Counselors- School Psychologist Annual Conference, this time on improving social skills for children with ADHD and high functioning autistic spectrum diagnoses (Asperger's).  After examining how core symptoms of both issues can lead to social difficulty, participants learned how friendship coaching, group therapy, [...]

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Dr. Hill presents on Bipolar to Region IV Mental Health

I want to thank Region IV Mental Health (Twin Falls, Ketchum) for the opportunity to present in March 2016 on the complexity of identifying and treating clients with bipolar type depression.  In full group and small group exercises participants learned how to properly recognize when bipolar is present without wrongly jumping to conclusions, and how [...]

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Massive ADHD Study finds Therapy on Par with Medication

As a psychologist I am dedicated to staying on top of contemporary research so that my clients can take advantage of the newest information available.  Among several e-newsletters I subscribe to, one dedicated to ADHD recently highlighted a new, massive-sized study compiling data from over 300 individual studies.  It truly dwarfs other so-called "meta-analyses" that [...]

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Added Resources for Bipolar Depression

Dr. Hill has just added links to author Julie Fast's website Bipolar The site hosts information for both those with bipolar depression as well as their loved ones, including a handful of free articles plus links to her blog and how to purchase her books and materials.  The health cards system (for sale in [...]

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Original Research on Couples Communication

My master's thesis developed the first measure of couples thoughts that would maintain an unhealthy a distancing-pursuing dynamic, with one partner consistently seeking more time, intimacy and attention while the other partner consistently withdraws or avoids closeness.  Previous research into couples communication and behavior had shown that this distancer-pursuer dynamic is associated with lower relationship [...]

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