If your child or college student may need academic accommodations next school year, to show what he or she is truly capable of, it’s not too early to begin planning and “doing your homework.”  Typically, parents who are well-prepared before ever requesting such services will have a good, cooperative outcome.  Those who aren’t may be given the runaround or be wrongfully denied services for their child.

These newly added links help parents understand the basics of 504 educational plans and IEPs, how to prepare for multidiscipinary team meetings, and learn what you can and can’t reasonably expect from public schools.

To brainstorm and personalize a list of  specific accommodations that will help your child in academics and classroom behavior, Dr. Hill is also happy to consult individually and then write a letter on your child’s behalf.  Even in cases where parents have previously received significant “push back” from school officials, involving an outside specialist will normally lead administrators to see such requests as legitimate and to begin responding with cooperation and support.

Scroll down in Parenting Resources to the new section on Academic Accommodations and Educational Rights.  Here you’ll find information for Idaho Parents Unlimited and Great Schools.org  (Great Schools.org tambien presente su informacion en Espanol.)