Dr. Stephen Hill has presented professionally at regional and national conferences, and he enjoys presenting locally on a regular basis.  I invite medical clinics, school staff, employers and community groups to request a presentation from the list below, or one tailored to meet your needs.  Dr. Hill is also a member of the Idaho Psychological Association’s Speakers Bureau that provides community education, and offers radio and TV interviews on mental health topics as a form of outreach.

Presentations Available by Request

Individual Health, Development, and Life Skills

·  Take Charge of Your Calendar!  Take Back Your Life!
·  5 Ways to Make Every Day Happy
·  Reclaiming Your Life from Stress & Burnout
·  Recognizing and Mastering and Adult ADHD
·  Contemporary Research Updates on ADHD
·  No More Holiday Madness: A Holiday Survival Guide

·  Coming Out to Friends and Family

Relationship Issues
·  Being Single in the New Millennium
·  Rekindle: A Marital Enrichment Workshop
·  Couples in Trouble: Rethink, Restart

·  Parenting Teens– and Surviving!
·  A Crash Course in Effective Parenting
·  Parenting Separation & Divorce: After the Beginning
·  Stepfamily Parenting

Communication and Conflict Resolution
·  Restoring Healthy Communication at Home and Work
·  Effective Communication / Active Listening
·  Conflict Resolution

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