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Telehealth Informed Consent

During the Covid-19 outbreak, I am offering remote teleconference appointments to both new and existing clients on a limited basis while emphasizing in-person appointments for fully vaccinated clients.  For remote telehealth appointments clients will connect with me through through Zoom Client for Meetings, which is encrypted, has the best stable video quality and takes only a couple minutes to download here.  PC download is the top option, or scroll down for iPhone, Android, tablets or just a web browser extension.  Please sign the Telehealth Informed Consent form above and return by USPS mail, fax to 208-333-1415, or scan a signed copy.  During our first online zoom appointment you can then send these scanned documents electronically in a secure way so long as you use a desktop or laptop version (not a cell phone or tablet).  Because my email is not secure, please do not use it for returning any completed paperwork.

Both my clients and I are finding teleconferencing a pleasantly similar experience to face-to-face meetings.  I’m glad we live in an era when remote care is so easily available as an alternative, and I hope you won’t delay seeking or continuing to meet your needs in this new way if this is our best option.

Lastly, this article gives very helpful tips on How to Transition to Seeing Your Therapist Online, preparing beforehand to get the most out of the experience.