Professional Fees

  • $185 per 50-55 minute session

  • $195 for the Initial 60 min. Appointment

  • $978 for complete Brown Scales ADHD testing, incl. 4-6 page final report.  Two payments of $489 can be spaced apart.

  • $1038 for complete Asperger’s / mild Autism Spectrum testing, incl. 4-7 page final report.  Two payments of $519 can be spaced apart.

  • $605 per couple (or $535 individual) for a Fertility Pre-Treatment Consultation for intended parents, including  summary report to clinic.  Does not include MMPI testing.

  • $838 per couple (or $740 individual) for a complete Fertility Pre-Treatment Psychological Evaluation with MMPI testing, including final report and all testing materials.  Evaluation with MMPI testing is required for: 1) surrogate gestational carriers and any partner, 2) sperm/egg donors & any partner, 3) intended parents if using a surrogate gestational carrier or a donor who is a friend or family member rather than anonymously matched.

  • $450 per hour for legal proceedings and preparation, including if I am called by another party.  Legal & forensic services are not voluntarily offered by Dr. Hill.

If you chose to file insurance I will work with you to ensure you receive the maximum insurance benefits to which you are entitledIncluded in my services to you, I will complete all insurance paperwork and submit claims on your behalf.

Counseling or testing services always represent a valuable investment of your money, energy and time.  The costs of a poor therapy outcome (or a slow one) can likewise be significant: damaged relationships, failing a class, or performing poorly at work.  By choosing a provider that has expertise and experience with all the specialties relevant to your situation, you can expect a better outcome and to meet your needs more quickly- thereby saving money in the long run.

Many times, as I talk with potential clients by phone they realize they actually need expertise in two or even three areas: like needing a therapist who treats both depression and anxiety (or ADHD), but who can also help them with parenting, or is well-trained in couples and family therapy.  I always talk with clients by phone before scheduling to ensure I cover all the areas they need and that I can be efficient addressing their needs. (Otherwise I refer to a trusted colleague during this call).

Declining to maintain direct contracts with insurance allows me to better protect your confidentiality, as insurance companies will not have access to your full mental health record.  More and more often, insurance companies are requesting your full mental health record even for simple tasks like processing a claim or granting preauthorizations.  By being independent, I have the option to provide insurance only more limited information as directed by you, my client.  Avoiding electronic transmission of your sensitive healthcare information is equally important to me given just how common breaches of healthcare data have become.  A 2017 survey by Accenture found 26% of U.S. consumers affected by a healthcare data breach (often including diagnoses, social security numbers), and shockingly half of these people were never even informed of the breach by their insurance or local hospital.  I never send such sensitive information over the internet— as would be required if I contracted with insurance.  For the same reason I never send personally-identifiable healthcare information by email, and I store all  letters and reports on an encrypted local hard drive, never remotely “in the cloud.”  So, although I do not accept insurance as up-front payment (so I can better guard your confidentiality and data security) I will still submit paper claims on your behalf so you can be reimbursed by your insurance directly.

Most plans do provide benefits when working with an out-of-network provider.  The difference may be in meeting a different deductible amount, or receiving a slightly different reimbursement (e.g. 50% vs. 70% in-network).  If you are still meeting your deductible, the in-network vs. out-of-network difference may also be less significant.

To find out exactly what mental health services your insurance policy covers with an out-of-network psychologist please call the customer service number printed on the back of your insurance card.  For guidance on what questions to ask your insurance company, please see the article “Ending Insurance Surprises

I accept credit card, debit card and cash payments, plus personal checks up to $195. Please speak with me personally if alternative financial arrangements would allow you to seek services with me. Because I am committed to you at the appointed time, I require 24 hours notice for cancellations.

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