Dr. Hill has just added links to author Julie Fast’s website Bipolar Happens.com.
The site hosts information for both those with bipolar depression as well as their loved ones, including a handful of free articles plus links to her blog and how to purchase her books and materials.  The health cards system (for sale in both hard copy and download version) overviews her most helpful material for most.  The health cards serve as a companion to therapy by helping recognize key symptoms and listing numerous strategies for both self and family / significant others.  Click here to view all online bipolar resources, including the new link to Bipolar Happens.com.

On May 12th Dr. Hill also attended a day long workshop on Bipolar Depression presented at the Idaho Psychological Association’s Annual Convention.  He continues his specialization in this area by attending similar events in the recent past, and by following contemporary research via the internet.  Clients and their families are invited to ask about updated book referrals, scientifically proven treatments, and encouraging new information about the safety of using antidepressants with Bipolar when a mood stabilizer alone has brought only partial relief.  (All medical decisions should of course be discussed first with a psychiatrist or another qualified medical provider).