NPR: For Kids With Anxiety, Parents Learn To Let Them Face Their Fears

Eli Lebowitz, a psychologist at the Yale School of Medicine guides parents on how to help their children cope with fears and develop their confidence over time rather than always or excessively accommodating the fear (and thereby reinforcing it).

NPR: NurtureShock Author on Tough Love and Helicopter Parenting

Author Pro Bronson on Fresh Air argues that over-praising, over-nurturing and so-called “helicopter parenting” may actually do more harm than good– often in surprising, counter-intuitive ways.  In describing ideas from his book NurtureShock: New Thinking About Children, Bronson explains the difference between typical “progressive” parenting and more effective parenting, including some refreshing advice about not necessary hiding all marital arguments from children.

The Ultimate Parenting Experiment: Siblings David & Golliath icon_listen
This American Life follows one mother as she desparately– but successfully and creatively– interrupts her daughters’ constant sibling battles, along the way discovering surprising secret ingredients to parenting.

Positive Discipline icon_listen

Jane Nelson, Ed.D. hosts parenting resources including a regular podcast, a featured article and a Q & A archives.

Psychotherapy Networker
The Psychotherapy Networker magazine hosts numerous online articles on mental health topics, including anxiety, sex, creativity, mindfulness, positive psychology, couples relationships, combat-related trauma, and concerns for children and teenagers.

The Idaho Federation of Families
This organization works to educate policy makers, professional organizations, legislators, educators, and the public about the needs of children with emotional, behavioral, and mental disorders and their families.  Resources include parent support groups and education, and instructions on how to advocate for your child’s needs at school and elsewhere.

Online Calendars & Tools for Divorced Families

Family Crossings and Cozi offer free versions that include an online family/custody calendar, reminders and messages, photos and customizable lists.   Cozi additionally offers syncing with Microsoft Outlook calendar and mobile access, while  Family Crossings offers live IM chat and a gift center for wish lists or coordinated shopping.  A paid upgraded version of Family Crossings adds a wish list, family database, family polls and games.  Paid services may add features like expense tracking, ability to export info. to excel, generating statistics and reports and offering online document storage (e.g. birth certificate, insurance info.).  These paid services include Custody Toolbox (free trial, $50 purchase), Parenting Time ($150/year), and Our Family Wizard ($8-10/month).

Academic Accommodations & Educational Rights

Great Schools: Special Education FAQ
An extensive article (disponible EN ESPAÑOL) explains how IDEA legislation may be applicable to ensure a free appropriate public education to children with special needs.  It reviews eligibility criteria and outlines examples of what parents can and can’t reasonably expect a public school district to provide.  Note that in Idaho students with only an ADHD diagnosis typically qualify for a 504 Educational Plan rather than an IEP (Individual Education Plan).  However, a carefully-crafted 504 plan will typically achieve the same goals for your child.  Dr. Hill is happy to consult with parents about how to best “navigate the system” in Idaho schools to obtain an appropriate and cooperative response rather than just getting the run around.

Idaho Parents Unlimited

Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Idaho Parents Unlimited provides expert information and resources to parents of children with disabilities and professionals who serve those children.  Coordinators have expertise about available agencies and services, give assistance in successfully accessing these services, and provide resources on individual and family coping with problem behaviors.  Articles in the Education section outline what diagnoses qualify for assistance, and how best to prepare for an IEP or 504 meeting– often called a MDT or multidisciplinary team meeting.  Dr. Hill frequently assists parents preparing for these meetings, and he can write a letter advocating for those specific academic accommodations that will help your child succeed.  Parents have especially found such professional advocacy helpful when the initial school response was resistant.

Other articles in Resources and Partners cover topics as diverse as preventing bullying, how to find and keep a first job and parenting issues as a child approaches age 18 and adulthood.

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