Self-tests can be informative and can even nudge people to seek further help if appropriate, but they can’t replace the value of meeting with a professional.  If you have concerns after doing some reading or taking a self-test, please do seek out a qualified person to talk further.  You can always take the results of a self-test to review in person.

Anxiety Self-Test from Psych Central

A good basic test very similar to the widely published Beck Anxiety Inventory.

Anxiety Self-Test from Here to Help

A more comprehensive test that may help you find out if anxiety symptoms are more generalized, related to Social Anxiety specifically, or include panic attacks.  Hosted by a Canadian organization in British Columbia so please note that contact phone numbers for further help will not be correct for those here in the U.S.

Social Anxiety Self-Test from the Social Anxiety Institute

A thorough self-test for social anxiety (formerly called social phobia).

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