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Dr. Stephen Hill interviewed on local radio KBOI about Toxic Worry

NPR: Why We Worry and How to Deal with It     icon_listen
Global warming, aging parents, terrorists, being too fat– or too thin!  Many Americans are worrying more than they used to.  Dr. Hallowell differentiates between appropriate concern in response to real threats vs. excessive “toxic worry” that can take over your life unnecessarily.  Reviews genetic predisposition, the effect of social isolation, trauma, and how toxic worry can eventually destroy marriages, friendships, and parent-child relationships.  Coping strategies discussed include parents helping their children keep perspective from an early age, and the healthy use of exercise and humor.

NPR: Living with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Checking, double-checking and second-guessing are all within the realm of normal, everyday behavior. But when does this sort of behavior cross the line into obsession? Author and reporter Jeff Bell and guests talk about recognizing and treating of obsessive-compulsive disorder.

NPR: Make Time to Do Nothing

Author and long-time public radio host Celeste Headlee discusses research showing what the brain needs in order to both be productive and at peace.  The actual source of workplace burnout may surprise you, and personal time “polluted” by job tasks in the evenings and weekends may backfire for both job performance and quality of life.

New York Times Wellness: How to Meditate

This page links a guided mindfulness meditation of 1, 4, 10 or 15 minutes in length.  Further down it also links a 12 minute Body Scan meditation.  Dr. Hill offers a different type of guided relaxation exercises in session as requested– using more imagery and imagining the 5 senses in that scene.  These in-session relaxation exercises can be recorded to later transfer to your phone or mp3 devices at home.

 NPR: Motherhood in the Age of Anxiety
Author and Newsweek correspondent Judith Warner addresses the “choking cocktail of guilt and anxiety and resentment and regret” that is poisoning motherhood for American women, and how to effectively reclaim the joys of being a parent.


Birdsong Radio icon      Birdsong Radio

Take a moment to relax to the sounds of birdsong.  Let this play in the background of your home or office for a mental escape, a meditative exercise, or just a soothing background.

Broad Mental Health Websites that include Anxiety Information

Mental Health Net
Describes the symptoms of common mental health diagnoses, then reviews treatments, research, national organizations and support groups, and online support.  To search the site, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Describes major mental health concerns organized clustered by global category (e.g. anxiety, depression).  Includes a review of causes, subtypes and discussion of medical and psychological treatments.

Web M.D.
With content written and reviewed by our local company Healthwise, this site offers numerous articles and resources on both physical and mental health.  The Drugs & Treatment tab takes you to an alphabetical list of medications, allowing you to see FDA indications and warnings.

Psychotherapy Networker
The Psychotherapy Networker magazine hosts numerous online articles on mental health topics, including anxiety, sex, creativity, mindfulness, positive psychology, couples relationships, combat-related trauma, and concerns for children and teenagers.

Medscape: Mental & Emotional Health Info.
Pamphlet-type information for all categories of major mental health concerns, written by the National Institutes of Mental Health and Carenotes.  Also sign up here to receive periodic newsletters with the newest news and research on select topics, like ADHD and Bipolar.  Requires a quick, free registration.

National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH)  “For the Public”
Excellent reading, with more technical detail included.  Printable pamphlets available here for yourself, or to share with family, friends, coworkers or teachers.

NAMI Idaho
NAMI is a nationwide organization dedicated to support, education and advocacy on behalf of people with a mental illness and their families.  After creating a free online account, you can access numerous online discussion and support groups in a bulletin board format.  Post your comments or questions, or just read about others’ experiences.


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