NPR Archives: Dealing with ADHD as an Adult icon_listen
A wonderful introduction to Adult ADHD, with top national researchers Edward Hallowell, MD and Patricia Quinn, MD answering questions from listeners.  An interview with author Robert Jergen and several questions also cover ADHD in childhood.

NPR Archives: ADHD in School: Buzz-A Year of Paying Attention & Notes from a Professor

(fast fwd to 27:50)   ADHD Podcast- Buzz: A Year of Paying Attention & Notes from a Professoricon_listen
APR’s The Story interviews Kate Geiselman who teaches English in community college and often works with adult students with ADHD.  She writes about ADHD and education in Notes from a Professor.  Then, Katherine Ellison talks talks about raising her son “Buzz,” who has Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  School has always been a place of struggle for them, both as a student and a parent.  She wrote a book about her experiences: Buzz: A Year of Paying Attention.

NPR Archives: Cathy Davidson on Distraction, Learning Disabilities and Alternate Learning/Teaching Styles

Cathy Davidson on Distraction & Learning Disabilities icon_listen (fast forward to 31:15 after buffering)

NPR’s The Story program interviews Duke University Brain researcher Cathy Davidson on accommodating and using children’s distraction and varied learning styles both in the classroom and during homework.  Alternative physical environments, added stimulation and interpersonal group work may all aid those with Learning Disabilities and alternate learning styles in demonstrating their full academic abilities.

Youngest Kids in Class may be Overdiagnosed with ADHD

This CBS video notes the same conclusion of another study, that children with particularly early birthdays for their classroom may have developmentally normal behavior mistaken for ADHD.  A similar effect has been found for children who are particularly tall for their age, as these children are often unconsciously expected to act like an older age than they really are.  A proper assessment will take care to compare only to same-age peers.

National Resource Center on ADHD (sponsored by CHADD)
Extremely helpful articles on coping strategies for time management, parenting an ADHD child/teen, relationship and social skills, money management, and ADHD in the workplace.  Don’t miss the “Living with ADHD” section.

The Hallowell Center
The resources section offers 15 articles by Dr. Edward Hallowell, author of Driven to Distraction and Delivered from Distraction.  In the upper left corner you can subscribe to his email newsletter.

National Center for Gender Issues and ADHD

Although the National Center for Gender Issues and ADHD unfortunately closed in 2013, their excellent ADHD Self-Test for Teenage Girls is now hosted at ADDitude Magazine.  Likewise here is the ADHD Self-Test for Women and Girls but please read the paragraph below about how a professional diagnosis differs from a brief self-test.

Adult ADD Info
Hosted by psychiatrists Marc Schwartz, MD and Nicholas Schwartz, MD, this website lists symptoms to recognize ADHD in adulthodd, reviews the (very limited) helpfulness of expensive brain imaging for diagnosis, and describes how google can be used to send helpful reminders to your email or cell phone.

This site includes a good Adult ADHD Self-Test, though if you have concerns you really should pursue a thorough, professional diagnosis by a provider specializing in ADHD.  In my professional experience ADHD is one of the most difficult diagnoses to make accurately, and relatively few mental health professionals have genuine expertise or training in ADHD diagnosis and treatment.  Whereas many forms of depression and anxiety can be relatively straight-forward to assess, ADHD frequently goes undiagnosed or misdiagnosed as another condition, as ADHD symptoms often overlap or mimic other concerns.  One large national study found that only half of those who genuinely had ADHD were currently treated, since the diagnosis frequently goes unrecognized by both the individual and the family physician.  You can take the results of any self-tests you’ve done to this appointment.

Amen Clinics
Dr. Amen has archived SPECT images comparing normal brain images to both treated and untreated ADHD.  Dr. Amen theorizes that up to 7 different subtypes of ADHD may exist, though similar behavioral and medical interventions are appropriate for multiple subtypes.  For the curious, the process and science of SPECT imagery is also described.  You should note, however, that a combination of careful interviewing and a validated paper test is just as accurate to diagnose ADHD, but at 20% of the cost for SPECT.

More Attention, Less Deficit icon_listen
Psychologist Ari Tuckman showcases his two books and posts podcasts than can be played individually or subscribed on iTunes.

CHADD: Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (CHADD)
Brief general ADHD information, plus info. on public policy, recent legislation, and educational rights.

Stanford Office of Accessbile Education & Schwab Learning Center
Stanford’s Schwab Learning Center has deleted many articles about learning strategies for students with ADHD and/or Learning Disorders.  However, they do still list assistive technology such as software, apps and devices that might be helpful to students.  High school and college students may wish to ask about the availability of similar technology at their current or prospective school.

ADDitude Magazine
A large, comprehensive website including resources for adults, parents of ADHD children, college students and more.  Resources include a complete back-to-school guide, a review of medical and behavioral treatment options, how to work with schools, a college survival guide, and bulletin board forums on improving organization, career management, parenting, recognizing ADHD, and how to get an accurate diagnosis.

ADHD Book List (Compiled by myself and colleagues beginning in 2005)

Academic Accommodations & Educational Rights

Great Schools: Special Education FAQ
An extensive article (disponible EN ESPAÑOL) explains how IDEA legislation may be applicable to ensure a free appropriate public education to children with special needs.  It reviews eligibility criteria and outlines examples of what parents can and can’t reasonably expect a public school district to provide.  Note that in Idaho students with only an ADHD diagnosis typically qualify for a 504 Educational Plan rather than an IEP (Individual Education Plan).  However, a carefully-crafted 504 plan will typically achieve the same goals for your child.  Dr. Hill is happy to consult with parents about how to best “navigate the system” in Idaho schools to obtain an appropriate and cooperative response rather than just getting the run around.

Idaho Parents Unlimited

Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Idaho Parents Unlimited provides expert information and resources to parents of children with disabilities and professionals who serve those children.  Coordinators have expertise about available agencies and services, give assistance in successfully accessing these services, and provide resources on individual and family coping with problem behaviors.  Articles here outline what diagnoses qualify for assistance, and how best to prepare for an IEP or 504 meeting, often called a MDT or multidisciplinary team meeting.  Dr. Hill frequently assists parents preparing for these meetings, and he can write a letter advocating for those specific academic accommodations that may best help your child succeed.

Broad Mental Health Websites that include ADHD Information:

Mental Health Net
Describes the symptoms of common mental health diagnoses, then reviews treatments, research, national organizations and support groups, and online support.  To search the site, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

Psychology : Common diagnoses
Describes major mental health concerns organized clustered by global category (e.g. anxiety, depression).  Includes a review of causes, subtypes and discussion of medical and psychological treatments.

Web M.D.
With content written and reviewed by our local company Healthwise, this site offers numerous articles and resources on both physical and mental health.  The Drugs & Treatment tab takes you to an alphabetical list of medications, allowing you to see FDA indications and warnings.

Medscape: Mental & Emotional Health Info.
Pamphlet-type information for all categories of major mental health concerns, written by the National Institutes of Mental Health and Carenotes.  Also sign up here to receive periodic newsletters with the newest news and research on select topics, like ADHD and Bipolar.  Requires a quick, free registration.

National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH)
Excellent reading, with more technical detail included.  Printable pamphlets available here for yourself, or to share with family, friends, coworkers or teachers.

NAMI Idaho
NAMI is a nationwide organization dedicated to support, education and advocacy on behalf of people with a mental illness and their families.  After creating a free online account, you can access numerous online discussion and support groups in a bulletin board format.  Post your comments or questions, or just read about others’ experiences.

Healthy Place
Extensive articles, blogs by topic, archived chat forums and links to recent scientific studies.

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